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With this frame of mind, we can now examine the various competency assessment methods that exist and the evidence that supports them.Fund of knowledge: Standardized testing, including clinical vignettes and essay-type questions, is a well- validated means of assessing fund of knowledge and fact recall [3,5].Therefore, before proceeding in answering this question it is important to first define the level of competency assessment we are trying to achieve.Through Miller’s framework, we know that several tiers of learning and assessment exist: the acquisition of knowledge, understanding of its application, demonstration, and integration into clinical practice [3].By David Diller MD and Robert Bramante MD, FACEPResa Lewiss MD, FACEPChair-elect, ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section Chief, Emergency Ultrasound Division St.Luke’s Roosevelt of Mount Sinai Hospital Center New York City Assessing competency through high quality, well-validated methods remains a challenge in graduate medical education.

Pursuant to 40(2)(c) of the HPA, if a Licensed Practical Nurse submits application for renewal of CLPNA registration prior to December 31, they will not be provided with a Practice Permit on January 1 until CCPV requirements are met.There are three steps to core competency development: 1) Subject Matter Expert Panel The panel of SMEs reflecting a cross-section of practice, geographical region, educational background and years of experience convene to draft areas and tasks of competency for a certified professional with three years of experience.Applicants are required to provide work products that demonstrate application of some of the core competencies.With ultrasound emerging as one of the twenty-three Milestones in Emergency Medicine [1], a demand now exists for proven assessment methods in competency for both diagnostic and procedural ultrasound.While numerous assessment methods have been developed, no single format can fully evaluate for competency in highly complex practices (eg, integration of knowledge into clinical decision-making and patient care) [2].

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