Criteria for validating assessment tools

60 participants including final year medical students and junior doctors were divided into three groups of 20 according to their experience in performing gynaecological examination.

Each participant performed a pelvic examination with a role player and pelvic model, which was video recorded.

Faculty members from the GW Physical Therapy program took up the challenge and decided to do just that.Introduction Medical students are required by the General Medical Council to be proficient in performing a full female pelvic examination (FPE) prior to graduating as doctors.However, many UK medical schools do not conduct a formal summative assessment. Assessment validation refers to a process where assessors compare and evaluate against the relevant competency standard/s to ensure, validity, reliability, fairness, flexibility and effectiveness of their: Maxwell (2000) suggests that the concept of ‘professional conversation’ is a good way to describe the process that should occur between assessors during assessment validation activities. Assessment validation may be carried out in a range of ways, by assessors from: Why?In the last few years the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) has placed a much stronger emphasis on assessment validation as a process to ensure the quality and consistency of assessment.

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