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Infected clients also are counseled on the importance of notifying their at-risk sex and needle-sharing partners and told that assistance is available to help them do that, if needed.

Partner Services depends upon the voluntary cooperation of infected persons to work with certified staff or other medical providers to share information about their at-risk partners so that those individuals may be confidentially notified of their potential exposure and provided risk reduction counseling and referral to treatment and other support services.

To learn more about HIV/STD Partner Services in Michigan, download the Michigan HIV Prevention Partner Services Program summary.

Services are provided to religious leaders of all denominations, races and ethnicity.

This agency has trained allied health officials, social workers, infectious disease specialists and public health administrators from the United States, Mexico, Africa and Asia.

A collaborative initiative of four community-based, culturally competent organizations whose purpose is to create a coordinated, comprehensive plan for substance abuse and HIV prevention (SAP/HIVP) among older African American, Hispanic, Arab American and Chaldean women in & ethnic groups have come together to develop an HIVP/SAP program specifically for older Minority adults.

The TARGET POPULATION is Minority women age 50 and older living in Wayne County who are at risk for substance abuse and/or HIV, with an emphasis on those at HIV risk due to unprotected heterosexual sex, and their partners. If eligible for the shelter and a bed is available, she will be housed immediately.

If beds are not available or she is ineligible for any reason, the client will be referred Social Services, Child Development Services, Chronic Bronchitis/Emphysema, Contraceptives (issued w/counseling), Dental/oral Care, Diabetes Testing/Care, Documenting Disability Services, Flu Vaccinations, HIV/AIDS screening/education, Immunizations, Interpretation services, Labs, Medication Prescribing, Medication Dispensing, Mental Health Counseling, OB/GYN, Outreach, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Physical Exams, Primary Health Care, Referrals for Specialty Care, Shelter Outreach, STD Testing, TB screening/education, Tobacco cessation, Well Child became the first of its kind nationwide—a fully integrated community health "one-stop service" center that is comprised of medical, public health and research, mental health, and environment programs.

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Timely reporting of HIV infection can be accomplished through a variety of methods.

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