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Each one has resulted in the follow up message of “you’re not the one”.

To that, I hoisted a fine gin and tonic and said out loud and confidently, “Next!

myassbrokethefall asked: In your opinion, does his mixing up the order of events (he says they were doing their event "the next day," but upfronts was actually the day before) shed any light on whether The Inviting happened after they had seen each other in NY, or earlier?

I had assumed it was a spur-of-the-moment thing - he saw her at upfronts, he said "You!

Second, when you compare this account with his replies to similar questions which were recorded the day after the event, a characteristic Duchovnian Emotional Register Transfer has occurred: from a purely emotional and relational register (one of “the best nights of his life,” you will recall) he now frames the entire reply as a neutral reconstruction of circumstance and setting.

While this is frequently observed in the subject as the number of retellings of a given story increases over time, here it must also coincide with his clearly expressed discontent about the way his initial morning-after comments were seized on by fans and media.

Registered players can save game high scores on their games.A person I know and am fond of who has come across my consciousness. " - but the phone allows for the possibility of before (1/2) as does his not having it in the right sequence in his memory. ) I still think it’s most likely that it was not planned in advance - esp since she just chanced to have something to wear - but found it curious that he didn’t say “we were at [industry thing] and I had the idea to ask if she wanted to sing with me the next day.” Maybe he just doesn’t remember, or simply meant “the day before.” 🤔 To ponder should you pass by this way again. I’ve been inclined to think he didn’t ask her until he saw her in person, not necessarily because she **just then** came across his mental radar, but because he’d find it an easier interaction to pull off in person. You’re so right though that mixing up the order would be counter-intuitive if he actually asked at the event. I remember being nervous at that, and I think we had just said we were going to do more X Files, and we were going to do the Television Critics Association Awards. I just thought it would be fun if she came up and sang a song.MAYBE we would not be wrong to think they socialized before OR after the industry event, and that it happened then, thus the inconsequence of the correct timing… She didn’t know any of my songs, but we were going to do a cover of “Helpless” by Neil Young.I am quite aware of who I am and confidently know what I offer in the context of a serious relationship.In the past three weeks, despite being effectively unemployed, I have had several first dates.

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