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This new finding nullifies the theory that the ancestors of the Chinese people were Peking Man who lived in northern China 400,000 years ago.

Based on DNA analyses of 100,000 samples gathered from around the world, a number of human families evolved in East Africa some 150,000 years ago, said Li Hui, a member of Jins team.

While Buddhas are considered to have achieved a state of total spiritual enlightenment and to be entirely free of the phenomenal world, Bodhisattvas (meaning, individuals who are bound for enlightenment but who have not yet attained it) remain accessible to others.

It said that the Shanghai scientists were part of an international team comprised of researchers from Russia, India, Brazil and other nations in a five-year project studying the geographic and genealogical routes related to the spread and settlement of modern humans.

CONTACT INFO: PROFESSOR JIN LI - Fudan University Shanghai Fudan Office Liren Biology Building, Rm 220 School of Life Sciences Fudan University 220 Handan Rd.

In China, school textbooks teach that the Chinese race evolved from Peking Man, based on a theory that humans in Europe and Asia evolved from local species.

But Jin and his fellow researchers found that early humans belonged to different species, of which only the East African species developed into modern humans.

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