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Basically she was fat because she could afford to eat, and everyone wanted to be fat to show that they could afford it too.

Mr Stevens said he had been getting regular briefings from the State Department on progress in the investigation - a contrast with the mother of Sean Smith, another of the four U.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding during a very stressful time for me.

This is a REAL homecam, nothing is staged or pre-recorded and I am broadcasting from my home, not a studio.

ambassador to be murdered in the line of duty since the ambassador to Afghanistan was killed in 1979.

Mr Stevens said that 'we weren’t that familiar with the day-to-day activities' and when he did phone him he didn’t share details about his work except to say that 'he was very optimistic about the results of the election and the new government.

He felt she was an extremely able person.”Out of bounds: Mr Stevens stopped short of criticizing Mitt Romney by name, but the Republican candidate has brought up the death on numerous occasions, including during the first presidential debate (above) The Obama campaign has leapt on Mr Stevens's word to attempt to close down discussion about what happened in Benghazi.

As I listened to the interns story, I realized she’d met…

I guess the obvious reason is that the standards of beauty in other countries are very different.

Apparently, over the past week she: Monday: Met a middle eastern guy on the train who was hot but way smaller/shorter than she’d like Tuesday: Let him take her on her first date…ever Wednesday: Had her first kiss with him (it was awful)Thursday: Realized they weren’t a match due to his broken English and overly emotional ways Friday: Dumped him.

So, when a big girl is shopping on 5th avenue where the mentality is that “you can’t be too skinny or too rich”, she shouldn’t be surprised when the foreign man on the corner selling knock-off handbags gives her more attention than the sales people at Saks.

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