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he is shot in the head at his girlfriend's wedding and must wait for his death. See full summary » A drama based on a cyber investigation squad.Kim Woo-Hyun is the only son of a high ranking police officer.I watched this drama the whole night to see what happens in the end. i feel sorry for sojisub his a great actor he desreved more exposure than kang who is a good actor a well. theres something wrong with this story it was good from the start with all the twist and turn it sucks.However i think they lost the plot along the way with the romance budding from the unlikable characters. the should fire the director and the writter they ruined everything!Knowing her wish, the fairy godmother decides to help Soo Jin and grants her the gift of ... Jangan Lupa Like Fanpages Kami Untuk Mendapatkan Update Terbaru!Las cosas se empiezan a complicar para Ho-Jae cuando se enamora de la amiga de Ho-Jung, Soo-Ji, la cual no es nada guapa, pero tiene una gran personalidad e inteligencia.

When you go from the top of the pecking order in the looks department in high school and then fall to the bottom in adulthood, is it possible to get back on top? See full summary » Mu-Hyuk, A Korean adopted to Australia, is a tough but very attractive street guy. i feel sorry for the 2main character as if they ditched in the story, the 2nd lead took the lines as well as the parents.The King’s Face Category: Korean Drama Details: A historical drama that chronicles the rocky path and struggles of Crown Prince Kwanghae to became King.Ho-Jung y Kyu-In, su vecino, son idealistas con el amor. La amiga de Ho-Jung, Cha Hee le gusta Kyu-In y Ho-Jung también se da cuenta de que tiene sentimientos por él.Ho-Jae, el hermano de Ho-Jung, es un playboy, que tiene buen aspecto físico.

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