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And that has led to speculation that he is her new lover.

In fact, when Chris Harrison asked Whitney about her new boyfriend on So who is Ricky Angel?

”“my mom angels to bed every night without a trace, sometimes she returns in a mid-angel to quiet us down.”“where’s jerry going?

”-“he’s angeling.” when your doing a girl from the back you start yellin who is the mindfreak repeatly until she scream you are thats when you smack her in the face with your c-ck and say chris angel is a mind freak jordan: hey guess wat i did last night lamar: what you do now jordan: i gave my girl a chris angel lamar: your a f-ck-n mind freak jordan: i know basically the houdini (in which you spit on a girls back while doing her from behind, and then j-zz in her eye when she turns around), except with two dudes.

dude, i totally chris angeled my boyfriend last night, and he was f-ck-ng p-ssed.

Whitney Bischoff confirmed on 'Bachelor Live' that she has a new boyfriend after splitting from Chris Soules. Whitney posted an Instagram photo with a guy named Ricky Angel over the weekend, sparking rumors that he is dating the former 'Bachelor' winner.

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CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GORGEOUS RING Whitney Bischoff didn't reveal any details about her new boyfriend.

But on New Year's Day, she posted the Instagram photo below with a man named Ricky Angel.

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